How many people are coming to the event?

Sewtopia has only 80 tickets to each event.

When do tickets go on sale?

Please check the event page for the exact time for registration.

There are some people that get to register early for the event, why?

Sewtopia offers an early bird/loyalty registration perk to past attendees.  If you attended the spring event then you have priority registration for the next spring event, same with the fall.  Priority registration only applies to attendees that attend the event the year before.  For example, if you didn’t attend spring and you attended the fall event, then you’ll only get priority registration for the next fall event. Priority registration only lasts event to event.  Our events are successful because of the attendee, without you there’s not us.

I’m on wait list for the event, when will I get notified of a ticket?

Sewtopia will put a wait list option if the event is sold out.  If an attendee cannot attend for any reason, we ask them to notify us first so we can reach out the wait list.  We will reach out via email to 10 people at a time.  The ticket will be offered at a first come, first serve basis.  After 24hrs if no one responds, we will reach out to the next 10 people on the list until the ticket is claimed.  Once claimed, we will work with the person trying to sell the ticket and the person trying to buy the ticket. Once the seller receives their funds from the buyer, they will confirm with us and we’ll email the buyer registration instructions after they pay the $50 transfer fee.

What’s the latest I can sell my ticket?

The sooner you know that you need to sell your ticket the better.  The buyer needs to arrange travel etc.  The later you tell us, the harder it is to sell and we offer no refunds for tickets purchased, regardless the reason.

I bought a ticket and now I cannot attend.

We’re sorry you’re unable to attend Sewtopia, life happens!  After registration fills for the event, we put up a waiting list for folks that couldn’t buy a ticket but wanted one.

Sewtopia Registration tickets are non-refundable, except in the event that we can find another person to purchase the ticket. Refunds are also contingent on amount of time until event occurs.

  • 11 months to 5 month from the event – refund in full minus a $50 transfer fee
  • 4 months to 3 months from the event – refund minus a $100 transfer fee
  • 2 months to 1 month from the event – refund minus a $150 transfer fee
  • 1 month to 0 months from the event-  refund minus a $200 transfer fee
I’ve moved since registration . . . how do I change my address?

Please email

I’ve registered, when will I hear from Sewtopia?

We’re busy making sure all the details of each event are covered.  But you should hear from us around the 3 month mark before the event. We will start communicating with attendees via email and snail mail around then.  Also hit the event page and the latest news will be posted at the top. If you’re really worried, email us at

Does my registration have my name on it?

Yes, registration is personalized.

When will I get my registration package?

We will e-mail out registration packages out approximately two to three weeks before the event.  If you lost it or forgot to bring it – don’t worry. Check-in will happen on Thursday and you can always email

Do I have to participate in the challenge or the swap?

Even if you marked down that you’re doing one or both and end up not doing it, that’s okay!  Life happens and we totally understand.

Can I bring my baby?

While we all love our babies and other babies, Sewtopia is geared towards giving our attendees a break from their everyday lives.  Please arrange for an appropriate child care provider for the weekend.

What is the best day to attend my event?

We structure each event to have an open reception on Thursday night and the main activities will start on Friday.  We suggest flying in Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  Each event might have special things happening the morning of Thursday, please look at your event closely.  When in doubt, email

Can I take pictures and video?

For sure! We encourage attendees to bring their camera and phones to share their experience with friends and family.

Anything else should I bring?

If you’re taking classes – we will update you via email what you need to bring. If you’re attending a retreat event then bring your unfinished sewing projects, new projects, or get ready for a weekend of challenges for your creative side.   Sewtopia will provide basic notions like cutting mats, irons, rotary cutters,  standard rulers, and thread.

Can I bring my own sewing machine?

Yes!  We suggest bring your machine if you can. Sewtopia and Bernina will provide fifty (50) 350PE machines on a first come, first serve basis.  If you’re local or traveling to the event via car, please consider bring your personal machine.  You will not need to move your machine every night since, the Sewing Lounge will be locked each night.

What do I need to get into Sewtopia?

Please check each event and when registration tickets go on sale. You will need to purchase registration tickets prior to the event. There will not be “Day Of” tickets available for purchase.

When will I get my registration package?

We will mail out registration packages out approximately two to three weeks before the event.  If you lost it or forgot to bring it – don’t worry Check-in will happen on Thursday and you can always email

Should I reserve my hotel now?

Yes!  Sewtopia has a room block at special pricing at each event and we don’t want you to pay any more than you have to. Please check each event page and it will direct you to the preferred hotel.

I want a roommate – how do I go about that?

Please email us at and we’ll make a list and pair folks up.

I would love to help!

Of course we could always use extra volunteers at the time of the event.  Please email

You’re not helping me at all! I have different questions!

Shoot us an email at

Hi! I bought a bag/t-shirt/sticker and I have a problem

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