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Sewtopia was inspired by the modern, online sewing community.  With today’s technology, we are more connected to each other than ever before.  Blogs, online swaps, and social media have given us the opportunity to make friends around the country and even the world.  Through Sewtopia, these online relationships can have a real world meeting place.


We envision Sewtopia to be a support system for the online sewing community. We want to cultivate knowledge and help people make real life connections with other people in the sewing hobby.


Sewtopia is a weekend where attendees can leave all the stresses of daily life behind to indulge themselves, focus on sewing projects, and get together with friends, old and new.  We will strive to do two amazing events each year.  The spring event will focus on education and the fall event will be a retreat-style event.


“Being in an online sewing community has totally changed my life! I have more friends now than ever.  There are people out there that honestly care about me, and we just communicate via email, blogs, and social media outlets. That means a lot to me, and I’m no longer a hermit quilter.”

– Amy “Sukie” Newbold


Amy Newbold


Amy, more commonly known as Sukie in the online sewing community, has been quilting since 2010. Her inspiration for getting into quilting came from her mother in-law who has been sewing for over 40 years. Currently, Amy lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two kids. She works as a Director of Operations for a local I.T. company.  In 2012-2013 she volunteered her time to the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors as the Treasurer, and tries to fit sewing in at night and on the weekends. She loves long walks on the beach, and if you want to see more of her creations please visit www.sukiedontyaknow.com.


Sarah Bailey

Web Developer

Sarah has been designing WordPress sites for the past ten years. Her full time job is based in IT support, and she owns her own web design business, Spunmonkey Design. She also sews and blogs at Sew What, Sherlock?. Currently Sarah lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and two cats. Sarah can be reached via email.


Jen Carlton-Bailly

Administration Manager

Jen Carlton Bailly is a self-taught sewist who learned to sew from online tutorials. Before she began sewing she graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in Fashion Marketing. Having a love of textiles, fashion and art, sewing/quilting was a natural progression and a quick addiction. She finds inspiration in everything from an old dresser drawer to a rundown Portland building. You can read about her crafty endeavors at bettycrockerass.com.


Megan Callahan

Support Staff

Megan White Callahan began sewing with a very ill fitting pair of shorts in her 7th grade home economics class. Over the years she has gradually self taught her way to sewing a straight line and occasionally finishing a quilt or two. In a past life she utilized her under graduate degree by perhaps serving you coffee at a Starbucks in the Greater Seattle or Portland area.  Now she spends most of her days chasing her twin girls (aka the Twin Frenzy), curating an extensive fabric collection, riding her bike, or crafting food shaped sewing notions for her Etsy shop. She recently relocated Bakersfield, California with her husband, kids, a wiener dog, and fat kitty.

Support Staff

Marci Warren-Elmer

Support Staff

Marci Warren-Elmer is an accidental self-taught quilter who found her love of all things fabric in 2010. It began as a way unwind from the stress of her real job and has turned into a obsession. Marci lives in the Salt Lake area with her husband and two dogs. She is always on the go and would do anything to spend all of her time hiking.


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